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Agario Game

Agario Game

agario lol multiplayer and online played this game is a strategy game. Created by the Brazilian game developer Matheus Valadares in 2015, it soon managed to take its place among various mobile operating systems.

The purpose of the game

The aim and gameplay of the game is as follows; Each player starts the game in the form of a small ball. Later, it begins to grow larger by eating smaller rounds that resemble food or by eating smaller ones. In short, it can be said that the aim of the game is to have a larger mass than anyone else.

Game Modes

The game also has different modes. The modes of agario lol game are;

FFA: It is a type of mode where each player plays alone and is each other’s opponent.

Teamed: Players are randomly assigned to one of 3 different colored teams. In this mode, the player can only eat the players of the team of different colors.

Experimental: It is the mode where the generators in the game are located. These generators produce small parts. In this way, cells grow faster.

Party: This mode is almost the same as the FFA mode. It is a game mode in which people share the link and play from the same server via just a URL.

Battle Royale: It is the mode in which the game field shrinks and the last one wins.

Rush: It is a type of mode where the player has 5 minutes to have more mass than anyone else. Results at the end of the game are evaluated on the first 10 people.

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